2016 Focus - Good for the Communities

2016 Focus

It is a project meant for kids and teenagers from 5 to 14 years of age, who live in Parma and its province, that combines education on healthy eating and physical activity. It features three activities: Giocampus School, Snow and Summer. Giocampus School is a specific activity that is part of the school programme and aimed at teaching a balanced lifestyle. Giocampus Snow is an educational winter week dedicated to winter sports and healthy eating habits, and Giocampus Summer is a summer camp dedicated to young people.

It is the result of a public-private educational alliance between several local players: Comune di Parma, Comune di Sorbolo, Comune di Torrile, Comune di Busseto, Comune di Traversetolo, Comune di Salsomaggiore, Comune di Montechiarugolo, Università di Parma, Cus Parma, Coni Emilia Romagna, Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per l’Emilia Romagna Ufficio XIII Ambito territoriale per la provincia di Parma, Ausl, Federazione Italiana Golf, Barilla, Fondazione Cariparma, Parma Calcio 1913, Studio Cocconi-Face, Flo, Ilger, Chiesi Farmaceutici, X3energy, Impresa Pizzarotti, Perfume Holding, Unione Parmense degli Industriali, Poliambulatorio Dalla Rosa Prati, Davines, CFT, Turbocoating, Iren and Fondazione Teatro Regio.


Over the years, the activity has continued growing, expanding its local presence and influence. In 2016, 15,126 kids and teenagers were involved.

IVANA DI MARTINO - #werun4kids

In Europe, children poverty and social exclusion hit more than 27 million kids, one out of four. Guaranteeing young people food security and a correct healthy eating education was the message that Ivana Di Martino, mother and runner, wanted to carry to European Institutions “on the run”.

A long 900 km run, from Milan to Brussels, to increase awareness on the role of Food Banks in Italy, France and Belgium, and on the topic of children nutrition poverty, organized with the support of the Barilla Group, which funded and expanded the message by setting up an intense campaign of communication, as well as taking charge of the tour’s logistics.



  1. Increase awareness on relevant topics: With the BCFN Foundation, Barilla has been studying for years the paradoxes around food, among which the coexistence of obesity and hunger in many countries, and food waste. We believe our responsibility is to contribute to increase the awareness on all these subjects.
  2. Enhance Barilla’s brand engagement in the social arena: because to increase the relevance of actions from individuals who “think the way we do” is the best way to carry our values forward.
  3. Strengthen partnerships: for years Barilla has been working with Banco Alimentare in Italy, and is preparing to launch new partnerships in the communities where it is present, for example in France and Belgium.

The project was managed by one of the Group’s project managers, supported by three work teams who took care of social media, events organisation and institutional relations respectively.

  • Social Media Plan: Barilla took part in making Ivana’s story known by highlighting it on its own social channels: via Twitter at the global level, Facebook in France and Belgium. A video crew was made available to the athlete to document every day (from 11 to 23 May 2016) each stage of the journey and a digital campaign was started. On Facebook the video scored 1 million views and the campaign more than 11 million impressions.

  • Media Plan: Barilla, together with Foods Banks, engaged the main local media in France and Belgium, 12 press releases were published in France and 22 in Belgium.

  • Events: an event team was put together to follow Ivana along her journey. Welcome events were organized at each stage and, for the end of the journey, a multi-stakeholder event with 5 European Parliament representatives was set up, so that Ivana could deliver her message to the institutions.


Barilla showed to be on the front line in handling the most severe situations due to natural disasters. We have been working with the Italian Civil Defence for years and we effectively intervened in support of the populations hit by disasters.

This cooperation led to the creation of a Mobile Unit to bring concrete help to people in emergency situations. The Unit is made of a kitchen truck, a kitchen dedicated to people suffering from gluten intolerance, a tensile structure with benches and tables and a tent camp capable of delivering up to 500 meals per hour. This is not only a source of sustenance to those in need, but, most importantly, represents a place of comfort, where it is possible to find a sense of conviviality while sharing a hot meal.

During the many earthquakes that hit various regions of Central Italy in 2016, the Mobile Unit was able to intervene promptly thanks to the support of hundreds of volunteers from many civil society organisations, and the Barilla Angels, employees trained to provide assistance to people in difficulty during emergencies.

On 13 January 2017, during the Patron Saint’s festivities in Parma, Barilla celebrated the expansion of the Mobile Unit with a new refrigeration unit, which will continue supporting people during emergencies.


“In moments of such distress, people can find some hope when meeting volunteers who dedicate their own time to make them not feel abandoned. Congratulations to Parma’s Civil Defence and bravo to the Barilla Angels. A practical example of precious values”
Paolo Barilla, Vice Chairman