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Barilla's main actions


We are committed to offering quality products in line with the Nutritional Guidelines developed in collaboration with the Nutrition Advisory Board, a group of international experts specialised in various areas of nutrition, that establishes the limits in the content of sodium, fat, sugar, calories and fiber for each product category. 

By 2020 we want to have 90% of our products in line with our Nutritional Guidelines: 

(The data does not include Russia)


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Guaranteeing the highest level of quality and food safety to people. For this reason we apply rigorous international standards and controls throughout the whole supply chain through a quality management and food safety system.

By 2020 we want to have 100% of volumes compliant with quality and food safety standards:

(The data does not include Russia)


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Besides offering safe and nutritionally balanced products, we consider essential to meet people’s expectations as regards taste so that they always find their choice fully satisfactory. Be people’s  #1 brand for taste.

118/100: Barilla products taste index 18 points higher than the market average

Source: Results of “Brand Health Check”® benchmark survey carried out by Millward Brown in 12 reference markets for Barilla products.


commitmentsour main results

To inform those who choose Barilla products on the right amounts and method of consumption, we are increasing the number of products that show scientifically relevant information on nutritional values right on the pack and we are committed to promoting a correct food culture by advising on a balanced diet and providing suggestions on product use.

We want to promote a correct pasta culture: passionforpasta

Packaging and product sites with consumption suggestions:

Through the "sì.mediterraneo" project, developed in collaboration with the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the Federico II University of Naples and the contribution of the Nutrition Advisory Board, we promote correct eating habits in order to favour the knowledge and adoption of the Mediterranean Diet.

More than 7,300 Barilla People have been involved in the "sì.mediterraneo" healthy eating education programme.

We develop information campaigns that are in line with our “Good for You, Good for the Planetpurpose and collaboration projects with our trading partner to make people aware of sustainable and waste-free consumption models.

Initiatives for the dissemination of the Mediterranean lifestyle have been launched with retailers and community catering players: projects are in progress with Ericsson, Felsinea Ristorazione and Costa Crociere.

In 2016 we established a global partnership with our customer Carrefour to carry out an awareness campaign on food waste amongst consumers. The project will be implemented in Carrefour hypermarkets in Italy at the beginning of 2017, and it will be later exported to other European countries.
We have launched a new campaign in Belgium and Germany with video interviews to the Barilla brothers to circulate important messages of our “Good for You, Good for the Planet” purpose.
In Slovenia and Croatia we proposed a multi-brand campaign in different points of sale on the “Good for You, Good for the Planet” messages.