Actions - People

Barilla's main actions
Smart working


We promote reconciliation between professional and private life activities through the development of smart working solutions: by 2020 we are committed to have 95% of our employees stating that they have reached the level of flexibility needed to balance work and private life.

More than 1,700 Barilla People have the opportunity to participate in the smart working project. In 2016 70% of the potential beneficiaries subscribed to the programme.


Diversity and Inclusion


It is our intention to reach equality between men and women in leadership positions by 2020.

To expedite this change, the performance evaluation of some of the company leaders includes objectives concerning equal opportunities and the creation of more flexible work models.

To promote an even more inclusive culture, we have fostered the creation and development of some ERGs, i.e. Employee Resource Groups that focus on the various dimensions of diversity.

35 women every 100 people hold managerial positions

Active interest groups supported by employees:

  • The Balance group was set up to promote work-life correct balance;
  • Supporting LGBTI employees: VOCE
  • Supporting Latino and African American minorities in 2016 the following group was set up: ALLEANZA

Health and Safety


We adopted management systems to prevent accidents in the workplace and protect our people’s health and safety.

86% of Barilla People work in plants with OHSAS:18001 certified management systems.  

The frequency of accidents was reduced by 47% compared to 2010.

We promote the wellbeing of every Barilla employee also through information programmes on correct eating habits.

The healthy eating education programme sì.mediterraneo reached more than 7,300 People at Barilla.