Awards - Good for the Planet

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Barilla is again the number one Italian company in "Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare”, that assesses the commitment of companies in the agri-food sector for the protection of farm animal welfare.

Harrys, Group’s brand, was awarded with "Good Egg Award” by the association Compassion in World Farming, a recognition given to companies that commit to using exclusively eggs from cage-free hens. In 2011 and 2012 the brands Pavesi, Mulino Bianco and Le Emiliane received the same award.

The "Grano Duro" project received the jury special award “Procurement award – Beyond saving” assigned by “The Procurement magazine”, in collaboration with Valeo-In and I-Faber as appreciation to companies that stood out for innovation, sustainability and efficiency in the procurement management process.

Barilla participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) monitoring campaigns, an independent organisation that assesses and enhances companies’ commitment to curbing climate change and making a responsible use of natural resources. In 2016 the Group’s performance relative to management and reporting on greenhouse gas emissions, the use of water resources and protection of forests were:

  • CDP Climate change: “B” rating, compared to the supply chain average “C” rating
  • CDP Water: “B” rating, compared to the supply chain average “D” rating
  • CDP Forest: “B” rating, in line with the participating companies’ average rating