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Diversity and Inclusion

There is a wealth of diversity out there, and that is the riches we want to bring into the company”

Claudio Colzani, CEO 

Equality, inclusion and diversity not only have always been an integral part of the Barilla’s values and Code of Ethics, but they also represent a decisive factor for our way of doing business and growth model. In 2013 we started a journey of introspection and discovery: in each step along this path we found opportunities to confirm our resolve towards diversity and inclusion, in the respect people’s physical, moral and cultural integrity.

We started various collaborations with external organisations with the goal to achieve specific results. We put in place significant changes in policies and in company’s procedures, we increased the awareness of inclusion of diversity as a business directive, by appointing a Chief Diversity Officer, who reports directly to the CEO and a Global Diversity & Inclusion Board.



Many of the leaders of the Group, and the CEO is one of them, have objectives tied to inclusion of diversity in their performance evaluation. Furthermore, Barilla has been promoting training on this matter for all its employees. 

Percentage of managers actively engaged in promoting diversity, based on the internal annual survey on diversity and inclusion


To us a very important commitment is the appreciation of female talent, so we set challenging targets, to become a company even more inclusive towards women in the short term. 

Female presence among managerial positions and talents
Women in leadershipWomen in the Global Talent Pool


In 2014 the Smart Working was created with the goal to promote a more inclusive work environment, allowing the employees more autonomy on how to handle their own work activities, such as how, where and when they work, adapting their working methods according to personal and corporate needs and, at the same time, meet their objectives. 

% of the employees declare to have the flexibility they need to manage a correct work-life balance

David Mixner
Advisory Board Members
Patricia Bellinger
Advisory Board Members
Kristen Anderson
Chief Diversity Officer di Barilla
Civil rights activist

David Mixner is an author, political strategist, civil rights activist and advisor. Once named by Newsweek as the most powerful gay man in America, he has been a global leader in politics and human rights. He has lectured at Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton. Today, he works on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment projects across the globe.

Exec. Director, Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School

Patricia teaches on Diversity & Leadership as an Adjunct Lecturer at HKS. She served first as Group VP of Global D&I, then as Group VP of Executive Development at BP London. Under her leadership, BP was awarded the coveted Catalyst award for the advancement of women and progress in global diversity. Patricia is a non–executive director of Paris–based Sodexo SA.