Scenario - Good for You

In the United States and Europe about 60% of the population is overweight and 30% is obese
In the United States and Europe, which are Barilla’s reference geographies, about 60% of the population is overweight and 30% is obese. The situation is better in Italy where, thanks to a wider knowledge of dietary models in line with the Mediterranean Diet, less than 15% of the adult population is obese, even though a growing percentage of overweight and childhood obesity is being recorded.

Percentage of overweight (BMI: body mass index > 25) and obese population (BMI: body mass index > 30)

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The number of people with diabetes is growing

The number of people with diabetes has also been on the rise in the last fifteen years. In Europe and in the United States the number of people affected by this disease, which is strictly related to eating habits, has doubled. More than 29 million Americans and 59 million Europeans are diabetics.

The main cause of the spread of diabetics is the adoption of sedentary lifestyles and poorly balanced diets, together with high sugar intake.

In the United States sugar consumption can reach 120 grams per day in adults and 160 grams in children, values by far exceeding the intake recommended by the WHO, which is about 50 grams per day.

 obesity4(%)Grams of sugar/day5
United Kingdom63.4093.00
United States67.30126.00


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