Stakeholder - Good for the Planet

| G4-27 |

Our stakeholders are asking us
Dissemination of awareness and good practices for sustainable agriculture

To share more sustainable cultivation practices with our partners in the agricultural supply chains and offer adequate support to those who want to put an effort into reducing their activities’ environmental impact, starting from cutting food losses at the beginning of the supply chain.

Support to the development of an inclusive supply chain respecting workers and enhancing women

To monitor, throughout those supply chains considered at risk, social aspects, such as the protection of human rights of the workers and the enhancement of female farmers.

Transparency and more details on strategies to improve supply chain sustainability

To better explain the choices Barilla made in putting into practice the pledge to use responsible supply chains for its procurements, by providing detailed criteria on how to assess raw material sustainability and by ensuring that the progress made in the application of these criteria are monitored by a third party independent body.

Traceability of raw material origin

To develop systems to guarantee complete product traceability along the entire supply chain, from the fields where the raw materials originate all the way through their journey to the retail channels.