Targets - Good for You

2020 Objectives
By 2020 Barilla will improve people's lives by promoting consumer choices in line with the food pyramid
Quality and Nutrition
Raise the global volume of products in line with Barilla’s Nutritional Guidelines from
70% to 90%.
86% of product volume sold.
100% of Barilla’s product volume aligned with the most up-to-date standards for quality and food safety, as confirmed by external certification bodies.
99.4% of Barilla’s product volume.
Be the first brand and product for people in relation to taste and nutritional profile.
Barilla Brand, first choice for:
  • Taste index 118 vs market average 100.
  • Nutritional profile index 114 vs market average 100.
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Spread information on the “sì.mediterraneo” project to promote right food habits to all Barilla employees across the world.
Over 7,300 Barilla People involved.
Extend the “sì.mediterraneo” project through distribution and e-commerce channels.
Dissemination projects are in progress through catering and food service channels.
Offer people scientifically relevant information on food and nutrition through brand activities.
76% of products shows consumption instructions, suggestions on consumption quantities and indications for a balanced diet.